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Advantages of organic food

In the last several years we have seen the organic food industry grow and grow, as more and more people become aware and educated with regards not only to their health, but also with regard to just how their food is produced, where it comes from and even, with regard to meat produce, how it is raised and what it is fed. People want to feel that they are more in control of what they consume, and more and more information is becoming available.

Organic food has become more popular, and up to 70% of people in America buy organic food on at least an occasional basis. But why has organic food become so popular? One of the main reasons, as stated, is for better health. Organic produce, in order to qualify for organic certification, must not be farmed or cultivated with pesticides, insecticides or any synthetic methods or chemicals. As a result of this, far fewer pesticides leak and drain into the soil, leading to richer, more nutritious soil and ultimately, more nutritious crops for people to consume. The crops are able to increase their production of antioxidants and vitamins which have the effect of improving the plants’ resistance to weed infestation and pests. This will also lead to greater crop yields and healthier crops. As an example of how health can be impacted, non-organically produced apples are generally sprayed 16 times with 36 different chemicals, meaning that even a thorough washing of the apple will leave a certain amount of chemical residue.

A lack of pesticides in organic foods is also good in terms of the prevention of certain health conditions. For example, conventionally-produced foodstuffs that use pesticides in their farming and cultivation are linked to increased instances of health conditions such as headaches, certain types of cancer as well as posing potential dangers for growing fetuses, young children and pregnant women. This is largely due to the effect that the pesticides have on the developing immune systems of young children and fetuses, as well as straining the already stressed organs of pregnant women.

Also on the plus side, organic processed foods contain no hydrogenated fats, which is the opposite to processed noon-organic food. In health terms, high levels of hydrogenated fats in the diet have been implicated in increased incidents of heart disease, so organic produce can help with a more heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. Organic farming and production methods also help to support biodiversity, allowing for a much wider variety of plant and animal life, so organic consumers can feel happy that they are helping to conserve the planet also! Such organic farming methods also help to keep the diet of the animals entirely natural, and the animals are also raised in a free-range environment. Organic crops are also free of GM, for those with concerns about the possible demerits of genetically modified foods.


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