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Eco Freezer keeps your beverages chilled, provides illumination

The Eco Freezer by industrial designer Ruben Iglesias is a concept portable freezer that is ideal for picnics and camping tours. The cover of the freezer features two LED lamps which are equipped with photovoltaic cells.

Generating solar energy, these lamps keep the contents of the freezer chilled and also provide illumination in times of an emergency. The lamps dispense current via magnetic induction. If the freezer is not completely full, the user can opt to use one of the lamps for the purpose of cooling, while the other lamp provides illumination.

After the picnic when the freezer is completely empty, both the lamps can be used for illumination in three different modes, including: completely on mode, SOS mode and flicker. However, if the sun isn’t shining that well, the freezer doubles as a thermal box, keeping the contents cold for a long time.

Yanko Design


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